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The main gateway to Indonesia, it is a contrast of modern western acrhitecture and traditional Indonesia culture. Its rapid growth into a metropolitan city reflects the economic, political, social and industrial development of the nation. In the recent years, Jakarta has expanded its facilities for the visitor which luxury hotels, meeting facilities, world class golf course, fine restaurants, exciting nightlife and shopping centers besides tourist attractions heritages, sea resorts in the Bay of Jakarta, and an extensive beach recreation complex.

Tourism Events

  • Indonesian International Travel Fair is an annual exhibition of Indonesia tourism destination, which will be held on September 2008
  • International Kite Festival every July includes creative kite competition, stunt kites, photo exhibition and traditional kites display
  • Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival is an annual event anticipated by over 1000 famous jazz musicians from Indonesia and abroad on March 2008
  • Musical and drama of local artist performed every month in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta and Taman Ismail Marzuki

Places of Interest
Sunda Kelapa the Bustling fish Market “pasar ikan” the visit in early morning. Located in the far north of the city at the mouth of the Ciliwung River. Dutch domination of Jakarta and the rest of Indonesia began from this area, and the remnants of Kasteel Batavia, an old fort and trading post of Dutch East Indies Company can still be seen. Tall Bugis Schooners rom South Sulawesi anchoring there offer one of the finest sights Jakarta has to offer

Museum Gajah (National Museum) is located on the west side of Merdeka square; it offers historical, pre-historical, archaeological and ethnographic aspect of Indonesia through its extensive collection of artifacts and relics which date as far back to the Han, Tan and Ming Dynasties.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Indonesia Miniature Park) is a cultural park, which attempts to present the ethnic cultures and traditions in permanent eshibits of traditional architecture native to the 30 provinces. Performances of drama and dances of the various provinces are regularly stage in the pavilions every Sunday Morning.

Ragunan Zoo is situated in the southern part of the city. Indigeous animal such as the Komodo Dragon, Tapir, Java Tiger, Wild Ox and brightly colored birds are given ample room an a lush tropical setting. Open daily from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Pasar Burung (Bird Market) is located at jalan Pramuka with its amazing array of colorful, tropical birds including the unique “perkutut” songbird, the pride of the Javanese people. Open daily from 9.00 am

Pulau Seribu (Thousand Island) there is 140 islands scattered accross the Java Sea to the north of Jakarta offers a haven away from the bustle of city life. Golden beaches fringed with coconut palms line the sea, surrounding waters are a paradise for snorkelers and scuba drivers. The island can be reached from Tanjung Priok or Pasar Ikan (Sunda Kelapa) by ferry or by chartered boat. Bungalows, restaurants, diving and sailing facilities are available.

Maritime Museum. Two of the original warehouses from the first trading post of the Dutch East Indies Company in Java now house the Maritime Museum. Exhibits include large models of boats from various islands. The old harbormaster’s tower stands nearby. Open from 8.00 am till 2.00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. On Fridays closed at 11.00 am and on Saturday at 1.00 pm. It closes on Monday.

The Jakarta Hilton Convention Centre (JHCC) measures 6.120 sqm and can accommodate three conferences, and 3-public simultaneously. The main hall has a seating capacity of 3.300 and is enquipped with a giant video wall, and a hi-tech lighting and sound system VIP lounge, board rooms, translation booths, multi-function meeting rooms which can seat 220 people each. The main lobby can utilize as pre-cocktail area of for a coffee break for 3.500 persons. The car pard kan accommodate 10.000 cars.

The Shopper’s Paradise. Hunt some good quality batiks at Sarinah and the selection of shopping outside of the ordinary in Jalan Surabaya. Mangga dua and many ITC (International Trade Centre) offer more than 10.000 kiosks and shops selling everything from fashions, accessories gifts, home appliances, etc at lower prices.

The Textile Museum is an interesting place to see numerous kinds of Indonesian textiles and learn how to make batik.

Fatahillah Museum. The Jakarta Museum of History on Taman Fatahillah Square in the heart of old Batavia is housed in the beautifully restored 18th century Dutch town hall or Stadhius.

The Wayang Musem located on the western side of Taman Fatahillah in “the old town” areas has the finest displays of wayang puppets in Indonesia including puppets from all parts of Indonesia and other part of Southeast Asia as well. The wooden and leather puppets displayed here represent the finest craftsmanship in this particular form of traditional theatre. The museum also shows shortened performances of the wayang kulit leather puppets every Sunday morning.

The National Monument (Monas) is the 137-metre tall table marble obelisk is topped with a flame coated with 35 kgs of gold, and represents the people’s determination to achieve freedom. It is located in front of the Presidential Palace and opens to the public. An elevator carries visitors to the top, offering a bird’s eye view across the city to the sea.

Jakarta Bay City. Ancol is Jakarta’s largest and most popular recreation park. Its extensive range of attractions includes sea and “Sea World” the fresh-water aquariums, swimming pools, an artificial lagoon for fishing and boating, a bowling alley as well as an assortment of nightclubs restaurants, and massage parlors. The complex includes a Marina, “Dufan” Dunia Fantasi (Fantasi World), a golf course, hotels and a 4-dimension theatre. The ‘Pasar Seni’ or art market has a varied collection of Indonesian handicraft, paintings and souvenirs on sale. An open-air theatre features live performances by local artists. Open daily from 2 pm to 9 pm and on Sunday and holiday from 10 am to 9 pm.

Jakarta Tour Package
Offer daily program of 3 days/2 nights visit to some interested and historical places. Driving through the bustling city, pass Merdeka Square, National Monument, Presidential Palace and visit National Museum (close on Monday) that is reputedly to be the finest in the South East Asia. See the world’s most complete collection of Han, Tang, and Ming porcelain. Also visit Sunda Kelapa Harbor where the Portuguese traded with the Hindu Kingdom of Pajajaran in the early 16 th century, Dutch domination of Jakarta old fort and warehouses of the Dutch East India Company can still be seen. Proceed to Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, which covers an area of 160 hectares displaying the diversity in architecture and custom of each of Indonesia’s 27 different regions. Your guide will lead you among the pavilions illustrating the multifaceted Indonesia culture, visiting several of particular interest. In the museum of Indonesia we will see what is perhaps, the best displayed collection of Indonesia artifacts and handicrafts of the country, including 35 mannequin couples dressed in local wedding costumer

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